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About Emergent Deals


Emergent Group is proud to meet the growing demand for technology recovery solutions while maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship. Founded by three partners with extensive backgrounds in e-Waste management, Emergent Group has grown to be one of the premier women-owned small businesses in the state of Texas.


Emergent Group has experienced tremendous growth every year since inception. We process hundreds of thousands of components annually with a focus on sustainability and client satisfaction. This has allowed us to build strong industry partnerships while maintaining a proven track record of success.

We strive to maximize the use of technology assets by liquidating, repairing, or recycling as many elements as possible. This yields the highest ROI for our customers and ensures competitive pricing for our products and services.

To improve security and provide better results, we perform our work in-house under the supervision of industry experts. After separating items into “functional” and “non-functional” categories, reusable technology is tested, repaired, and sold at market value. While non-functional assets are disassembled into their smallest components and shipped to certified recycling facilities for further processing.


Emergent maintains a strict “No Landfill” policy meaning we send absolutely ZERO trash to landfills or incinerators. You never have to worry about where your e-Waste is going or what it will do. We perform all work under strict federal, state, and local guidelines using trained professionals.

Additionally, we are an R2 (ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001) certified operation. This means auditing and compliance for e-Waste processing as well as the safety and well-being of our employees.

We invite you to experience our world-class service for yourself. Call us today at 512-832-6959 or fill out our online contact form to get started.