Data Destruction

Data Destruction


Many IT departments worry about how e-Waste companies manage their recovery processes - and for good reason. Data breaches can lead to serious consequences such as large fines, restitution and losing major clients. With so much at stake, you have to be sure your data and devices are being handled with care.

Rest easy. For Emergent Group offers some of the safest, most secure data destruction technologies in the world today. Our cutting edge processes and equipment mean never having to worry about sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

From the moment our teams arrive at your location, security is always top-of-mind. We transfer all assets to Emergent headquarters in fully enclosed, locked container trucks. Upon arrival at our secure facility, items are immediately inventoried and tagged to maintain integrity.

We sanitize and destroy all hard disks, magnetic tapes and other storage mediums in compliance with DOD (Department of Defense), NSA (National Security Agency) and other US and European IT standards.

Afterward, we provide detailed reports that include model and serial numbers, date and time of disposal, and the operators and methods involved in the process. We leave nothing to chance.

Our services are also HIPAA and FERPA compliant and adhere to all major federal and state regulations. You can trust Emergent to make the e-Waste disposal process as safe and secure as possible.

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